Twelfth Night 2014 Riverside Gallery


Toby Knyvett’s lighting design is notable for seamless invisibility (in my book, if you don’t really notice it, it’s a lighting story well-told, without affectation or “look at me!” self-seeking)” – Lloyd Bradford Syke, Crikey Daily Review, Mar 10 2014. 

Produced by Sport for Jove this is a remount of their excellent production of Twelfth Night at Riverside Theatre, Parramatta

Abigail Austin, Anthony Gooley, Bernadette Ryan, Christopher Stalley, Christopher Tomkinson, Damien Strouthos, Edmund Lembke-Hogan, Eloise Winestock, Francesca Savige, George Banders, James Lugton, Megan Drury, Michael Pigott, Robin Goldsworthy, Sam Haft, Teresa Jakovich, Tyran Parke, Terry Karabelas

Director – Damien Ryan
Designer – Anna Gardiner
Music Composition – Christopher Harley
Assistant Director – Dan Graham
Sound Design/Videography – David Stalley
Stage Manager – Ruth Horsfall
Set Construction – Nick Catran
Set Construction – Barry French

Lighting Designer – Toby K

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TwelfthNight14Riverside-20140304-00086.jpgDamien Strouthos, Teresa Jakovich, Anthony Gooley, George Banders, Eloise Winestock and Edmund Lembke-Hogan


12th Night Riverside Collage1.jpgChristopher Stalley


TwelfthNight14Riverside-20140304-00162.jpgAbigail Austin and Christopher Stalley


TwelfthNight14Riverside-20140304-00186.jpgGeorge Banders. Edmund Lembke-Hogan, Anthony Gooley and Teresa Jakovich


TwelfthNight14Riverside-20140304-00256.jpgMichael Pigott and James Lugton


TwelfthNight14Riverside-20140304-00277.jpgAbigail Austin


TwelfthNight14Riverside-20140304-00363.jpgBernadette Ryan, Megan Drury, Tyran Parke and Terry Karabelas


TwelfthNight14Riverside-20140304-00511.jpgJames Lugton, Tyran Parke, and Michael Pigott


TwelfthNight14Riverside-20140304-00564.jpgJames Lugton, Bernadette Ryan and Michael Pigott


 TwelfthNight14Riverside-20140304-00590.jpgFrancesca Savige, Abigail Austin, and Anthony Gooley


TwelfthNight14Riverside-20140304-00829.jpgChristopher Stalley. Francesca Savige, James Lugton, Teresa Jakovich, Michael Pigott, Sam Haft and Abigail Austin


TwelfthNight14Riverside-20140304-00889.jpgTeresa Jakovich and Tyran Parke


TwelfthNight14Riverside-20140304-00937.jpgChristopher Stalley, Christopher Tomkinson, Abigail Austin, Anthony Gooley, Francesca Savige, Edmund Lembke-Hogan, Eloise Winestock and Megan Drury


TwelfthNight14Riverside-20140304-00947.jpgGeorge Banders, Abigail Austin, Edmund Lembke-Hogan, Christopher Stalley, Anthony Gooley and Megan Drury


TwelfthNight14Riverside-20140304-01033.jpgTyran Parke, Megan Drury, Damien Strouthos, Abigail Austin and Anthony Gooley