A rotating tube flying in space

An open source library for working with polygons in 2D and 3D in vvvv gamma. https://github.com/TobyKLight/VL.PolyTools


An ASCII depiction of a cave system from above. Animation shows line of sight from a single square on the grid..

A vvvv gamma wrapper for the open RogueSharp library. Useful for 2d calculation of line of sight and navigation. https://github.com/TobyKLight/VL.RogueSharp


Listing of the helppatches in VL.GameAudioPlayer

A High level command based audio player for vvvv Gamma. https://github.com/TobyKLight/VL.GameAudioPlayer


List of some of the content in VL.ExtendedTutorials

A repository of interactive helppatches for vvvv gamma, targeting intermediate users. This is also where patches are distributed that go with other tutorials you will find on this site. https://github.com/TobyKLight/VL.ExtendedTutorials