Hire and Services

I have a range of video and tracking systems available for hire in Sydney, Australia.


Infrared Tracking - Sony PS3 Eye USB cameras. 2 x w/infrared pass filters. 5 x unmodified. Highly reliable, lag free cameras for tracking and machine vision applications. Custom mounts for mic stand or tripod. Variety of lenses, up to 20m USB extensions available. 

Kinect - 1 x Kinect for XBOX 360, 3 x Kinect for Windows

Show computers - 2 x Win7, i7 4770, 8GB DDR3 Ram, SSD, Nvidia Graphics. 

Show control - Midi show control system, designed to work with the pair of computers above. Orginally designed to facillitate control of interactive systems from QLAB with full tracking backup.

Rigging - Camera rigging for infrared sensors

Projector - 1 x 4000 Lumen NEC P420x. 1024 x 768 4:3 native. Widest throw ratio aprox 1.25:1. Narrowest aprox 2.1:1. (Distance:Screen Width) 


Custom Software - I create custom software using the vvvv programming language. Create logic and talk between virtually any protocols. Eg Email to midi. DMX to video. 

Custom Hardware -I can create Arduino based custom controllers with any number of faders, buttons etc... Connect via USB, ethernet or wifi. 

Infrared tracking consultancy - I can consult on setup and lighting for all infrared tracking applications. 

For more information or a quote send me an email.



This is my professional portfolio. For my day to day blog where I document my builds and process click here.