Incredible Book Eating Boy Gallery

Incredible Book Eating Boy. Produced by CDP Theatre Producers. Lighting Design by Toby K.The Incredible Book Eating Boy

Produced by CDP Theatre Producers

Gabriel Fancourt, Madeleine Jones and Jo Turner

Writer - Maryam Master
Based on the book by Oliver Jeffers
Director - Frank Newman
Designer - Andrea Espinoza
Composition - Tina Harris and Mark Harris
Sound Design - Mark Harris and Daryl Wallis

Lighting Design by Toby K

Photographs by Toby K

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Alls Well That Ends Well 2014 Gallery

Sport For Joves Alls Well That Ends Well

Photo by Seiya Taguchi

"Set, lighting and sound design are incredibly impressive. Ambitious in scale and scope, the creatives have outdone themselves with a show that is glorious in its look and feel."
- Suzygoessee, Suzy Wrong, 28 Mar 2014
"Toby Knyvett's lighting is masterful."
- Sydney Arts Guide, Lynne Lancaster, 1 Apr 2014
" square shifts artfully from the vital, central image of a bed into a sauna, camp hospital, mortuary and other army scenes - all excellently lit by Toby Knyvett."
- Stage Whispers, Martin Portus

Produced by Sport For Jove Alls Well That Ends Well runs till Sat Apr 12 at the York Theatre, Seymour Centre, Sydney. 


Christopher Stalley, Christopher Tomkinson, Damien Strouthos, Edmund Lembke-Hogan, Eloise Winestock, Francesca Savige, George Banders, James Lugton, Megan Drury, Michael Pigott, Robert Alexander, Robin Goldsworthy, Sam Haft, Sandra Eldridge, Teresa Jakovich

Director - Damien Ryan
Designer - Antoinette Barbouttis
Sound Design/Videography - David Stalley
Fight Director - Kyle Rowling

Lighting Designer - Toby K

Photography by Seiya Taguchi and Toby Knyvett

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Part 3 of a collection of landscapes I took in America during the Hitlers Daughter 2013 tour.

Part 1

Part 2

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Twelfth Night 2014 Riverside Gallery


"Toby Knyvett's lighting design is notable for seamless invisibility (in my book, if you don't really notice it, it's a lighting story well-told, without affectation or "look at me!" self-seeking)"Lloyd Bradford Syke, Crikey Daily Review, Mar 10 2014. 

Produced by Sport for Jove this is a remount of their excellent production of Twelfth Night at Riverside Theatre, Parramatta

Abigail Austin, Anthony Gooley, Bernadette Ryan, Christopher Stalley, Christopher Tomkinson, Damien Strouthos, Edmund Lembke-Hogan, Eloise Winestock, Francesca Savige, George Banders, James Lugton, Megan Drury, Michael Pigott, Robin Goldsworthy, Sam Haft, Teresa Jakovich, Tyran Parke, Terry Karabelas

Director - Damien Ryan
Designer - Anna Gardiner
Music Composition - Christopher Harley
Assistant Director - Dan Graham
Sound Design/Videography - David Stalley
Stage Manager - Ruth Horsfall
Set Construction - Nick Catran
Set Construction - Barry French

Lighting Designer - Toby K

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Sydney Opera House Presents built a lego structure for their January 2014 creative play program. Children were given free reign to build on vertical plates with a range of classic blocks. 

I was commissioned to build several cameras into the structure that would be projected on the nearest wall. As well as live video the cameras took timelapse footage that was played back every 5 minutes, as well as daily timelapses of the entire project. The supervising artists were able to reposition the cameras both physically and zoom in on them digitally. 

The vertical nature of the plates tends to lead to representative building - I.E writing names and creating images in 2D. The idea of the video elements was to encourage builders to think about different perspectives in time and space and develop their designs accordingly.

Sponsored by Lego Education.

Cyrano de Bergerac Gallery


With -
Barry French, Bernadette Ryan, Christopher Stalley, Christopher Tomkinson, Damien Strouthos, Francesca Savige, James Lugton, John Turnbull, Julian Garner, Lizzie Schebesta, Madeleine Jones, Robert Jago, Scott Sheridan, Tim Walter, Vanessa Downing, Yalin Ozucelik

Director - Damien Ryan
Costume Designer - Anna Gardiner
Set Designer - Barry French
Sound Designer/Videography - David Stalley
Fight Director - Scott Witt
Production Manager - Jess Penny
Technical Manager/Operator - Jeremy Page
Stage Manager - Lija Simpson
Assistant Stage Manager - Rebecca Poulter

Lighting Designer - Toby K

Photos by Toby Knyvett and Seiya Taguchi

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Malcolm Allison and Alicia Battestini in The Man Who Dreamt The StarsMalcolm Allison and Alicia Battestini

 "Dazzling stars, protruding beams and projected imagery - The senses are definitely stimulated by interactive video projection that amplifies emotion and immerses the audience in the story." - Dean Margerison, Sydney Arts Guide, Feb 17 2014

"Visually, The Man Who Dreamt The Stars is one of the most spectacular shows I've ever seen. The lights and the technical effects in this show are absolutely, gobsmacking exquisite. Toby Knyvett, the lighting and video designer, deserves every accolade that can be heaped on him. I don't think I've ever seen a show that was so visually stunning." - Jodi McAlister, Australian Stage, 18 Feb 2014

The Man Who Dreamt The Stars is the final version of the Star Project. Developed over three years by Merrigong Theatre Company and the Illawarra Disability Trust

The project features a mixed ensemble including performers who identify as disabled. It made use of infrared tracking technology and responsive projected environments. 

With -
Alicia Battestini, Drayton Morley, Malcolm Allison, Phillip Prentice

Director - Anne-Louise Rentell
Set & Costume Designer - Imogen Ross
Sound Designer - Daryl Wallis
Movement Director - Lee Pemberton

Lighting & Video Designer - Toby Knyvett

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