Echo Tables – Sydney Opera House: Creative Play

I was commissioned to create an interactive artwork for the July Creative Play program at the Opera House. Creative Play runs every school holidays and aims to provide children with an experience where they can become the artists.

The brief was an artwork that could accomodate a large number of participants at one time, had a very low barrier of entry but allowed for deep relationships to emerge. Additionally it had to run unsupervised into the evening and power itself off at the end of the night.

This was achieved technically by Kinect sensors feed a depth image to custom software. The images are processed and sent to projectors. Due to the low roof height we used compact short throw projectors and mirrors to hit the tables.

Echo Table is available for deployment at your event in standard or customised versions. For further information contact me.



Client – Sydney Opera House

Director and Co Designer – Frank Newman (Creative Learning Specialist, Sydney Opera House)

Co Designer – Georgia Hopkins

Artistic Collaborators –
Curtis Fenandez
Sabrina D’Angelo

Concept and System Design – Toby K

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EchoTableWeb0044 EchoTableWeb0039 EchoTableWeb0035 EchoTableWeb0025 EchoTableWeb0024 EchoTableWeb0021 EchoTableWeb0013 EchoTableWeb0005