A preview of the New Stuff in store for 2018 Echoes installation.

Blue Rose Sensory Installation 2017

Blue Rose is a universally designed interactive sensory installation. Made with Beyond Empathy, Merrigong Theatre Company and the community of the Illawarra Region of New South Wales, Australia.

Volvo Art Session

Toby K and Aidan Boyle were engaged by Flora Fauna Visions to provide a custom motion tracking solution for a live dance performance in Zurich as part of the Volvo Art Sessions 2017.

QVB Year Of The Dog

2018 marks the Year of the Dog in the Chinese Zodiac. The Queen Victoria Building in central Sydney, Australia commissioned Papermoose to create a memorable interactive installation in the heart of their 120 year old space. Toby K provided custom interactive software that allowed the dogs to track an oversized tennis ball that could be moved around by participants.  

Venchi Chocolate Experience

Milanese studio dotdotdot was commissioned by Carlo Ratti association to produce an interactive installation for the Venchi pavillion at FICO, the brand new Eataly’s food park in Bologna. Toby K provided interaction design and software development for this state of the art interactive experience.

Join The Dots

Join The Dots allows children in Sydney and Japan to make digital art together in this real-time creative project. Join the Dots connects kids in both countries via live video link to turn the walls of the Sydney Opera House and the Art Museum and Library, Ōta, into one giant projected canvas for drawing, making friends and having fun.

Freqs Of Nature 2017

Co-lighting design with Chantelle Camereon @telligal for Freqs Of Nature festival 2017 groove floor. At Jüterbog near Berlin. Using a new wearable lighting controller hacked together from Midi Fighters, vvvv and an ETC Nomad. It allows the operator to control lighting whilst dancing with the audience. Amazing decor by FlipaTulipa.


Sunray is a permanent architectural installation located on the main street of Ashfield, Australia. We were commissioned by Ramus Illumination to perform technical design and installation services as well as develop bespoke software for this project. We worked closely with Thomas Creative who provided the structural fabrication and install. The interactive LED strips are integrated with the architects specified timber …

888 Collins St (Programming)

888 Collins St Lighting Design by Ramus Illumination Installation by Adherettes Lighting Programming by Toby K 888 Collins St is reflects the weather in real time. Interactive programming allows it to take data from the Bureau Of Meteorology and from a weather station on the roof.