Type Flexibility in vvvv Gamma

Cover image with text "Type Flex 1 Programming-Time Type Flexibility Generics, Overloads and Adaptive"

Here is a two part tutorial covering Type Safety, Generics, Overloads, Adaptive, Implicit vs Explicit Conversion, Casting and other related topics. Find the patches in VL.ExtendedTutorials. They contain lots of written notes if you prefer to learn by reading rather than videos. https://github.com/TobyKLight/VL.ExtendedTutorials

Manipulating Classes in vvvv Gamma

Text "Manipulating Classes in vvvv gamma"

This is a step by step video showing the complete UX of creating and manipulating classes and their member operations in vvvv gamma. Also shows how you can place shared mutable class instances across several different collections. All explained through the timeless metaphor of exploding barrels.

Collections in vvvv Gamma

Text "Deep Dive On Collections" with pictures of example nodes for Spread, Dictionary and Hashset

A closer look at spreads, dictionaries and hashsets. Also sequence/IEnumerable and how to handle more esoteric collections like MutableArray, IReadOnlyList etc.

Maths Tutorials for vvvv Gamma

A screenshot from a maths tutorial. This is a partially obscured view of 3D teapots and axis floating in space, demonstrating different methods for changing 3D orientation and their pros and cons

I added a series of interactive helppatches on the topic of mathematics vvvv gamma. Covering dot product, cross product, quaternions, camera transforms and more. Download them as part of VL.ExtendedTutorials


Listing of the helppatches in VL.GameAudioPlayer

A High level command based audio player for vvvv Gamma. https://github.com/TobyKLight/VL.GameAudioPlayer