The Little Mermaid

This production of Disneys The Little Mermaid took absolutely no compromises with production values. Flying performers, automated flying scenery, robotic boats and incredible costumes. Director Amy Copeland and Musical Director Peter Copeland headed a team which brought a stunning show to the community of Wollongong, Australia.

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Freqs Of Nature 2017

Co-lighting design with Chantelle Camereon @telligal for Freqs Of Nature festival 2017 groove floor. At Jüterbog near Berlin.
Using a new wearable lighting controller hacked together from Midi Fighters, vvvv and an ETC Nomad. It allows the operator to control lighting whilst dancing with the audience.

Amazing decor by FlipaTulipa.

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by Jane Harrison

Produced by the National Theatre Of Parramatta
Performed at Lennox Theatre, Riverside Theatres, Parrmatta

Director: Vicki Van Hout
Set and Costume Design: Imogen Ross
Composition and Sound Design: Phil Downing
Production Manager: Annette Rowlison
Stage Manager: Carl Sciberras
Assistant to the Director: Bianca ‘Bee’ Cruse

Lighting and Video Designer: Toby K


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Landscape With Monsters

Landscape With Monsters
Produced by Circa and Merrigong Theatre Company
Presented at the Illwarra Performing Arts Center 2016

Director – Yaron Lifschitz
Associate Director – Alice Lee Holland
Sound Designer – Daryl Wallis
Set & Circus Apparatus Design – Jason Organ
Costume Designer – Libby McDonnell
Lighting and Video Design – Toby Knyvett


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Carrion (MCA 2016)

A dissimulation of finches in collective bird song tweet requiem in d-minor, polyphonic tones carry on the wind. Warm rain falling. Steam. Lyrebirds mimic chainsaws while Bower birds collect and angle sinews of iridescent cabling building the form of an ancient child’s body. Sign ~ a snake gets trapped in an endless loop of its own skin after shedding. Soft-bodied legless larva are downloaded, they slither beneath the old baby’s flesh. Leeches placed on the nervous system gently animate this lobotomized vessel. The Iris dilates red, timelines streaming abject horror punctuated by glistening moments of poetry. Its soft bony hands begin to scratch at the earth at the base of a tree, a pulsing heart is lifted from its base….

This new body of work shares the stories of posthuman clown Carrion. It is an ongoing project with manifestations as club works, gallery performances and a full length theatre work premiering in Sydney late 2017.


Devisor and Performer – Justin Shoulder
Composer – Nick Wales
Electronics – Nick Wishart
Dramaturgy – Victoria Hunt
Lighting Design – Toby K

This in-development showing was presented by the Museum of Contemporary Art as part of their New Romance: Art and the posthuman exhibition

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Galaxy Of Suns

A Galaxy of Suns
Premiered at the 2016 Dark MOFO festival in Hobart
Created by Michaela Gleave in collaboration with Amanda Cole and Warren Armstrong
Performed by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra Chorus
Lighting Design and programming by Toby Knyvett

Lighting programming included translating from the existing pure data app that created the dynamic sounds into vvvv so those sounds could trigger lighting.

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Supreme Ultimate / Women Of Fairfield

A collaboration between Hissy Fit and Australian-Vietnamese actor, director, martial arts specialist, Maria Tran. Staged on the top three floors of the Downey Lane Car Park. Supreme Ultimate explores the ways in which martial arts has informed identities and the ways, particularly in a cinematic context, it uses forms of control and deviancy, restrain and excess to navigate cultural and gendered domains.

Supreme Ultimate was just one part of the larger Women of Fairfield project.
Presented by Powerhouse Youth Theatre, the Museum of Contemporary Art, C3 West and the NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors

Supreme Ultimate
Created by Hissy Fit and Maria Tran
Hissy Fit is Jade Muratore, Emily O’Connor and Nat Randall
Sound design/compositon by Tom Smith
Technical Production by Andy Lysle at Technical Event Services
Stage Management by Angharad Lindley

Lighting and Interaction Design by Toby K

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Mortal Condition

Mortal Condition premiered at the Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre in May 2016.

Concept, Choreographer & Dancer  Larissa McGowan
Associate Director & Dramaturge  Steve Mayhew
Dancers  Thomas Bradley, Kialea Nadine Williams
Composer  DJ Tr!p Tyson Hopprich
Choreographic Advisor Lisa Griffiths
Producer Jason Cross, Insite Arts

Featuring the music of Mike Patton

Lighting, Projection, Set Design and Robotics Automation  Toby K

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