Mortal Condition

Mortal Condition premiered at the Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre in May 2016.

Concept, Choreographer & Dancer  Larissa McGowan
Associate Director & Dramaturge  Steve Mayhew
Dancers  Thomas Bradley, Kialea Nadine Williams
Composer  DJ Tr!p Tyson Hopprich
Choreographic Advisor Lisa Griffiths
Producer Jason Cross, Insite Arts

Featuring the music of Mike Patton

Lighting, Projection, Set Design and Robotics Automation  Toby K

This project marks my first foray into robotics. 7 custom robots move 7 custom projection screens. Bespoke software written in vvvv controls the robots and manipulates the projection live to track the position of the screens. The entire system is designed to tour in suitcases making it suitable for international air travel, which is traditionally quite a challenging requirement for an automated set.

“In an impressively lit performance space, decorated simply but effectively with vertical panels that suggest computer motherboards or indeed a video game cartridge…” Peter Burdon, The Advertiser 

“The success of the production is also due to Toby K’s lighting, which washes the stage in subtle colours, enhancing the mood without obviousness.” Alan Brissenden, The Australian