Carrion (MCA 2016)

A dissimulation of finches in collective bird song tweet requiem in d-minor, polyphonic tones carry on the wind. Warm rain falling. Steam. Lyrebirds mimic chainsaws while Bower birds collect and angle sinews of iridescent cabling building the form of an ancient child’s body. Sign ~ a snake gets trapped in an endless loop of its own skin after shedding. Soft-bodied legless larva are downloaded, they slither beneath the old baby’s flesh. Leeches placed on the nervous system gently animate this lobotomized vessel. The Iris dilates red, timelines streaming abject horror punctuated by glistening moments of poetry. Its soft bony hands begin to scratch at the earth at the base of a tree, a pulsing heart is lifted from its base….

This new body of work shares the stories of posthuman clown Carrion. It is an ongoing project with manifestations as club works, gallery performances and a full length theatre work premiering in Sydney late 2017.


Devisor and Performer – Justin Shoulder
Composer – Nick Wales
Electronics – Nick Wishart
Dramaturgy – Victoria Hunt
Lighting Design – Toby K

This in-development showing was presented by the Museum of Contemporary Art as part of their New Romance: Art and the posthuman exhibition