Venchi Chocolate Experience

Milanese studio dotdotdot was commissioned by Carlo Ratti association to produce an interactive installation for the Venchi pavillion at FICO, the brand new Eataly’s food park in Bologna. Toby K provided interaction design and software development for this state of the art interactive experience.

The experience is
– The participant is issued with three chocolates, they head to a capture station where they eat the chocolates in front of a camera.
– The capture station automatically tracks the participants face and uses object tracking to understand which chocolate they are eating (out of aproximately 14 different chocolates).
– The station uses facial pose recognition to mark emotional moments in the course of eating a chocolate (eg pleasure, disgust).
– When the participant has finished their face and emotional data is projected on a nearby wall along with the faces of previous participants.

Carlo Ratti Association also designed and built a giant wall of chocolate!




Design by Carlo Ratti Associati