Join The Dots

Join The Dots allows children in Sydney and Japan to make digital art together in this real-time creative project. Join the Dots connects kids in both countries via live video link to turn the walls of the Sydney Opera House and the Art Museum and Library, Ōta, into one giant projected canvas for drawing, making friends and having fun.

Join The Dots is conceived and created by the Sydney Opera House Creative Play team, who specialise in interactive installations for children and families.

Frank Newman Director and Concept
Nobumasa Takahashi Visual Artist (drawing from Sydney Opera House)
Jacqui Stockdale Visual Artist (drawing from Ōta, Japan)
Andrea Espinoza Designer
Alison Bennett Australian Performer in Japan
Yuriko Suzuki Japanese Performer in Australia
ArtsPeople Cultural Consultants and Creative Producers

Toby K Interactive Drawing System Designer


Produced by Sydney Opera House Creative Play Program, ArtsPeople, Art Museum and Library, Ōta and Spiral / Wacoal Art Centre.

Join the Dots is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Japan Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Japan Foundation.

Photos by Anna Kucera