Mortal Condition

Mortal Condition premiered at the Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre in May 2016.

Concept, Choreographer & Dancer  Larissa McGowan
Associate Director & Dramaturge  Steve Mayhew
Dancers  Thomas Bradley, Kialea Nadine Williams
Composer  DJ Tr!p Tyson Hopprich
Choreographic Advisor Lisa Griffiths
Producer Jason Cross, Insite Arts

Featuring the music of Mike Patton

Lighting, Projection, Set Design and Robotics Automation  Toby K

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The River Eats 2015 South Korea


The River Eats was remounted by the MCA for a tour to the MMCA in Seoul, South Korea for a one week season. It was part of the New Romance exhibition which features South Korean and Australian artists exploring notions of technology. The exhibition is due to come to Australia in 2016.




“A standout of Melbourne’s 2012 Next Wave Festival, The River Eats is a visually stunning fable of transformation and desire.”
Cult Magazine – July 2013

“An audio visual assault that could rival Aphex Twin… a beautiful counterpoint to Shoulder’s live action elements”
Pages Digital – Erin Moy – July 8th 2013

Devised, Performed, Costume & Set Design: Justin Shoulder
Video and 
Lighting Design: Toby Knyvett
Video and SFX: Rebecca Stegh
Composer and Sound Design: Nick Wales
Creative Producer and Dramaturg: Jeff Stein

The River Eats has been supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, the City of Melbourne through Arts House, Next Wave Festival, and Performance Space.

Images by Heidruhn Lohr and Toby Knyvett. 

Technology used includes conventional lighting, infrared tracking and interactive generative visuals programmed in vvvv.

For a video of the performance see here.

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HMAS Onslow and HMAS Vampire lighting upgrade

Title: HMAS Onslow and HMAS Vampire lighting upgrade for ‘Action Stations – On Board Experience’ exhibition
Brief: Create immersive and exciting lighting design for existing spaces on the heritage vessels. Additionally in the HMAS Onslow submarine an interactive lighting solution was required for an onboard game. Challenges included extremely limited physical space, limited scope for penetrations and modifications, corrosive and high moisture environment, limited installation time and low power consumption.
Response: We specified and installed a robust low voltage LED system based on Gantom Darklight spot/gobo products and Enttec LED strips. We custom built a modular Arduino solution for interactive lighting control on an area by area basis.
Results: Visiting both vessels is now a noticeably more theatrical experience with a multi-dimensional approach to storytelling evident throughout.
Awards: The Action Stations exhibition (including the on board experience) won the Museums & Galleries of NSW 2016 IMAGinE award for best exhibition in the 11+ staff category.
Action Stations On Board Experience designed and installed by Mod Productions.
Lighting Design – Toby K
Co-Lighting Design – Emma Lockhart-Wilson
Lighting project management – Rob Hughes
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The Unbroken Line – Sydney Opera House: Creative Play


Client: Sydney Opera House
Title: The Unbroken Line
Brief: Every school holidays Sydney Opera House runs a Creative Play program in the western foyer. The Unbroken Line is one of a number of interactive art commissions that we have developed for this program. The core goal of Creative Play is to empower young people to be artistic and collaborative. Creative Play installations need to be accessible, simultaneously accommodate a large number of participants and be suitable for both long (hours) and short (five minute) engagements.
Response: We knew Unbroken Line was going to be a screen project but we wanted to get away from ubiquitious touchscreens. Instead Unbroken Line is an extra large ‘bodyscreen’. Bodyscreen is a term we coined to describe our unique interactive technology where instead of detecting touches like a conventional screen it detects hands, arms and body parts before they contact the screen, creating a different dynamic between participant and surface. The custom interactive app is based on the idea of a single continuous line that can be manipulated by a large group of people. The line can be configured as a single line or a number of shapes.
Results: The installation was in high demand throughout the school holidays. The Opera House is an attraction for visitors from across the globe and a highlights was seeing english speakers and non-english speakers collaborating together to create an artwork.
Interactive Design – Toby K
Project Director – Frank Newman (Creative Learning Specialist, Sydney Opera House)

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Orbital Illumination

I’ve just launched a dedicated website for a new project. It’s called Orbital Illumination and the concept is to put steerable mirrors in orbit that reflect sunlight. Applications would be for entertainment, emergency and general illumination purposes. 

Echo Tables – Sydney Opera House: Creative Play

I was commissioned to create an interactive artwork for the July Creative Play program at the Opera House. Creative Play runs every school holidays and aims to provide children with an experience where they can become the artists.

The brief was an artwork that could accomodate a large number of participants at one time, had a very low barrier of entry but allowed for deep relationships to emerge. Additionally it had to run unsupervised into the evening and power itself off at the end of the night.

This was achieved technically by Kinect sensors feed a depth image to custom software. The images are processed and sent to projectors. Due to the low roof height we used compact short throw projectors and mirrors to hit the tables.

Echo Table is available for deployment at your event in standard or customised versions. For further information contact me.



Client – Sydney Opera House

Director and Co Designer – Frank Newman (Creative Learning Specialist, Sydney Opera House)

Co Designer – Georgia Hopkins

Artistic Collaborators –
Curtis Fenandez
Sabrina D’Angelo

Concept and System Design – Toby K

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City of Sydney – Envirobank sculpture

Envirobank Sculpture Night1

In conjunction with their Envirobank program the City of Sydney commissioned Papermoose to create a giant 10c coin sculpture out of plastic bottles. It was installed at Customs House in June/July 2014. I was brought in as lighting consultant. Challenges on this project were that the lighting solution had to be attractive, low power, low maintenance and weatherproof. To meet these requirements IP rated LED strip with PWM colour changing was installed. Timers were used to make it set and forget – lighting automatically came on and off as designed. 

Client – City of Sydney

Art direction & design – Josh Flowers, Laura Ives, Reese Geronimo

Producer – Yingna Lu

Lighting consultant – Toby K