Cyrano de Bergerac Gallery


Barry French, Bernadette Ryan, Christopher Stalley, Christopher Tomkinson, Damien Strouthos, Francesca Savige, James Lugton, John Turnbull, Julian Garner, Lizzie Schebesta, Madeleine Jones, Robert Jago, Scott Sheridan, Tim Walter, Vanessa Downing, Yalin Ozucelik

Director – Damien Ryan
Costume Designer – Anna Gardiner
Set Designer – Barry French
Sound Designer/Videography – David Stalley
Fight Director – Scott Witt
Production Manager – Jess Penny
Technical Manager/Operator – Jeremy Page
Stage Manager – Lija Simpson
Assistant Stage Manager – Rebecca Poulter

Lighting Designer – Toby K

Photos by Toby Knyvett and Seiya Taguchi

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Cyrano0013.jpgJames Lugton


Cyrano0002.jpgLizzie Schebesta and Yalin Ozucelik


Cyrano0003.jpgLizzie Schebesta and Yalin Ozucelik


Cyrano0004.jpgBarry French


Cyrano0005.jpgLizzie Schebesta and Yalin Ozucelik



Barry French, Bernadette Ryan, Christopher Stalley
Damien Strouthos, Francesca Savige, John Turnbull, Julian Garner, Madeleine Jones, Robert Jago, Scott Sheridan, Tim Walter and Yalin Ozucelik


Cyrano0007.jpgYalin Ozucelik, Lizzie Schebesta and Scott Sheridan



Lizzie Schebesta and James Lugton


Cyrano0010.jpgScott Sheridan and Lizzie Schebesta


Cyrano0011.jpgScott Sheridan and Yalin Ozucelik



Barry French, Christopher Stalley, Christopher Tomkinson, Damien Strouthos, John Turnbull, Julian Garner, Robert Jago, Scott Sheridan and Tim Walter



Cyrano0009.jpgDamien Strouthos, Francesca Savige, James Lugton, Madeleine Jones, Robert Jago, Tim Walter and Yalin Ozucelik