Hissy Fit Development

Images from the development of I Might Blow Up Someday by Hissy Fit. Taken in July 2015 at Studio 1 UNSW.

I might blow up someday utilises the productive qualities of hysteric action, which for centuries, has been considered a physio-psychological phenomenon synonymous with the dissenting, deviant woman’s body.

Hysterical performances over time have been marked by such actions as contorted posturing, repetitive and rhythmic movement, through to induced epileptic seizures. Surviving documentation of these performances bare a strong resemblance to the rhythmic, yet out-of-control, gestures and dance moves associated with punk rock culture, namely headbanging.

The show will premiere this October as part of Performance Spaces Liveworks Festival Of Experimental Art.

This project has been supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, Arts NSW, Bundanon Trust and Creative Practice Lab UNSW.

Hissy fit is Jade Muratore, Emily O’Connor and Nat Randall

Lighting by Toby K