The Man Who Dreamt The Stars Gallery

Malcolm Allison and Alicia Battestini in The Man Who Dreamt The StarsMalcolm Allison and Alicia Battestini

 “Dazzling stars, protruding beams and projected imagery – The senses are definitely stimulated by interactive video projection that amplifies emotion and immerses the audience in the story.” – Dean Margerison, Sydney Arts Guide, Feb 17 2014

Visually, The Man Who Dreamt The Stars is one of the most spectacular shows I’ve ever seen. The lights and the technical effects in this show are absolutely, gobsmacking exquisite. Toby Knyvett, the lighting and video designer, deserves every accolade that can be heaped on him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show that was so visually stunning.” – Jodi McAlister, Australian Stage, 18 Feb 2014

The Man Who Dreamt The Stars is the final version of the Star Project. Developed over three years by Merrigong Theatre Company and the Illawarra Disability Trust

The project features a mixed ensemble including performers who identify as disabled. It made use of infrared tracking technology and responsive projected environments. 

With –
Alicia Battestini, Drayton Morley, Malcolm Allison, Phillip Prentice

Director – Anne-Louise Rentell
Set & Costume Designer – Imogen Ross
Sound Designer – Daryl Wallis
Movement Director – Lee Pemberton

Lighting & Video Designer – Toby Knyvett

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TMWDTS-2.jpgMalcolm Allison


TMWDTS-3.jpgAlicia Battestini


TMWDTS-4.jpgAlicia Battestini and Phillip Prentice


TMWDTS-5.jpgDrayton Morley, Alicia Battestini and Malcolm Allison


TMWDTS-6.jpgMalcolm Allison and Phillip Prentice


TMWDTS-7.jpgPhillip Prentice


TMWDTS-8.jpgMalcolm Allison



Alicia Battestini and Drayton Morley


TMWDTS-10.jpgAlicia Battestini


TMWDTS-11.jpgAlicia Battestini and Phillip Prentice



Alicia Battestini and Malcolm Allison


TMWDTS-13.jpgPhillip Prentice and Malcolm Allison



Drayton Morley, Alicia Battestini, Malcolm Allison and Phillip Prentice


TMWDTS-15.jpgPhillip Prentice